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Standard Cargo Delivery

Carriage of standard cargo is one of the most popular types of cargo transportation. When dealing with standard cargo our  Company puts to use haul trailers  with tautliners and insulated van bodies. We use Volvo truck tractors and Schmitz semitrailers. Each haul trailer is equipped with satellite tracking system which makes it possible to pinpoint the location on-line at any moment, seven days a week.   There are 500 transport vehicles in the  Company vehicle fleet. Their  average service life  is  2 years. 

Standard cargo is considered the cargo which do not require special temperature conditions. The  weight is less than 20 tons. It does not go beyond the trailer cubature ensuring compliance with traffic regulations. We are able to perform the top, rear or side-off  loading. The Company shall be liable in the  amount of up to USD 500 000, insurers are  leading insurance companies of the Russian Federation. 

To make the cargo delivery possible you simply conclude a standard contract of carriage (standard form) depending on the route –domestic or foreign transportation. The contract specifies the procedure of processing orders and  responsibilities of parties. Depending on the transportation route the contract shall be attended by the managers of  a certain division. Namely, we have the domestic and  external freight forwarding divisions, international transport division- groups “ South Europe”, “Central Europe”, “North Europe”. The majority of managers work in the Company more than 1 year. If a client is engaged in  regular cargo transportation we are ready to assign a dedicated manager for  further interaction.

To place an order for cargo carriage one shall fill in   the  approved order form, which is processed pursuant  to the specified procedure. As a rule, the order relates to one shipment, in case of one-type shipments it is possible to include them in one order. The order shall be submitted 24 hours  prior to loading for transportation inside Russian and 48 hours prior to loading for transportation outside Russia.  The order shall contain the cargo dimensions, place, date and time of  loading and unloading. The manager in charge of the respective contract of carriage hands on  the contract to the division of logistics for estimation of the route. The cargo will  be delivered successfully irrespective of complexity of routing. If shipments are made   on regular basis  it is practicable to make an order comprising  shipment schedule  for one month or less.

We guarantee just in time delivery.  Each route involves special standard hours ( you can consult the manager in charge). The cargo is delivered both to the customs terminal and to the consignee.

We are ready to deliver your goods to all countries of South Europe, Central Europe and North Europe – from France to Poland and from Spain to Sweden, to all regions of the Russian Federation being part of the Ural, Central , North-Western, Povolzhsky and Siberian federal districts.