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Delivery of cargo requiring special transportation conditions

Primarily foodstuffs and medical supplies fall into category of the cargo requiring special transportation conditions. Such cargoes are transported in the cold storage trucks.

At this stage  our Company   has got modern truck tractors with Schmitz refrigeration semitrailers (Germany).

All trailers used by our Company for such shipments are new ( manufactured in 2010,2011,2012). They are tooled and instrumented to the maximum.  Since each trailer  has up-to-date  cooling-freezing unit “Carrier”, you can leave both the deep-freeze products and perishable goods  in the trust of our Company. And in this reliability and air-tightness of the German semitrailers is unquestionable.

We perform transportation  in the refrigerators in Russia and abroad.
35 cold storage trucks of volume 87 cum  are ready to transport the cargo which requires special handling.
For convenience of our clients we have  two types of  refrigeration insulated van bodies in our vehicle fleet. 
25 units -three-axle semitrailers with the Ferroplast body for cooling or deep freezing and 10 units – multitemperature three-axle Ferroplast Mult semitrailers  equipped with the leak-tight partition and evaporators which allow to create the two temperature regime in  one  isothermal body with the accuracy of one degree of Celsius. Hence, transportation in our  vehicles reliably protect medical supplies requiring special conditions of storage and transportation and perishable horticultural goods such as bananas, salad or at all times!
Together with this all refrigerators have onboard recorders which register, store  and, on the client’s request, produce hardcopies  of the temperature conditions in the vehicle  during transportation.
     In 2012 we have reached an arrangement to add twenty Schmitz units  with the “Carrier” refrigeration vans. This  means that the total number of the refrigerators in the Company will amount to 55 units.