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Delivery of production of metallurgical enterprises of Russia - is one of the major specializations of the company. We can organize both international and domestic transportation of these products. To carry out such operations, our company uses the trains, equipped with tilt trailers. Road trains are equipped with Volvo trucks and trailers Schmitz. The average age of about two years. In total, the park's 250 units of vehicles. Every road train is equipped with a satellite tracking system, which allows on-line to determine its location at any time of day or night, seven days a week.


Our customers include leaders such as Russian metallurgy Magnitogorsk Metallurgical Combine, Uralelectromed, Kamensk-Uralsk Metallurgical Plant, VSMPO. At least half of TOP-100 Exporter Urals already using our services.

The carriage may be brought goods, total weight not exceeding 20 tonnes, and is also included in the volume of a trailer in accordance with the rules of movement. This may carry on any version - side, top, rear. New design of the sliding roof semi facilitates and accelerates the process of loading and unloading. Any liability of the carrier up to $ 500 000 dollars insured in leading companies of the Russian Federation, the same liability exists and if we attract third-party companies for transportation. Possible additional insurance of cargo.

To get started you want to enter into a contract of carriage (used standard form contract, which specifies procedures for the adoption and execution of single applications, as well as the responsibility of the parties. At the request of the client, in certain cases permitted changes and additions to the text of the treaty, making the relationship with our company most comfortable for the client, and transport safer. To negotiate the head of the company and / or the head of the department can go directly to the client. long-term contracts allow, on the one hand, to optimize the budget, logistics, on the other, to obtain commitments Lorry in the years ahead, unconditional execution of which is guaranteed.

Our main objective for the transport of production of metallurgical enterprises - is to achieve maximum built into our technology in the production chain of the client. We are able to accurately and efficiently work with documents for the cargo during export traffic, of course, subject to confidentiality. We are ready to become a corporate carrier for the largest metallurgical holdings in Russia.

After signing the contract for the client assigned a personal manager, through the appliance has to be possible to further communication and to be responsible for the condition and performance of each application for transportation. This manager will be on his job responsibilities to defend the interests of the client company.

Shipment is made the application, which is compiled on the approved form and is transferred to the execution of an appropriate procedure. The request typically indicates a carriage: one application - one shipment, in the case of one type of transport may be received in a single application of several operations. Application shall be filed within 24 hours for shipping on Russia for 48 hours - for international transportation. In urgent cases can supply trains to the day.

In the Application shall specify all the parameters of cargo, loading and unloading the car, the date and time of loading and unloading the car. Cargo can be delivered on the route of any complexity, including under the customer's wishes. In the case of constant transport possible execution of application-schedule for the period up to three months. Guarantee full compliance with that schedule.

Delivery is carried out exactly the same day and at the time specified in the application. In every direction there is standard delivery (available from the relevant managers). Cargo delivery is possible as to the customs terminal, and directly to the recipient.

Cargo can be carried in any country in Central Europe, Southern Europe and Northern Europe - from France to Poland and from Spain to Sweden, as well as in predominantly Russian regions included in the Urals and Central federal districts, as well as the North West, Volga and Siberian.