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Oversize cargo delivery

Carriage of oversize cargo is an exclusively complicated type of cargo transportation. To provide for smooth trucking  of the oversize  cargo our Company employs special-purpose  road trains. Oversize  cargo is considered the cargo which can not be transported using conventional  haul trailers.  Most often these are metal structures, construction and road machines, power equipment, military gear, oil –and –gas production equipment, drilling  rigs, different holding capacities, etc . Here we usually deal with the following overall dimensions: height- 5 meters, width- 6 meters, length- 40 meters. Only top loading is possible. The Company shall be liable in the  amount of up to USD 500 000, insurers are leading insurance companies of the Russian Federation.

If you want to  transport oversize cargo  you are to sign the contract of carriage (standard form depending on the transportation route – inside Russia or abroad). Such contract specifies the procedures of acceptance and execution of orders and responsibilities of parties. The contract shall be concluded at least one  month prior to the proposed carriage.  One-time or contract deliveries are possible. Depending on the transportation route the contract shall be attended by the managers of  a certain division. We have the divisions of the domestic and  external freight forwarding.

To place an order for cargo carriage one shall fill in   the  approved order form, which is processed pursuant  to the specified procedure. The order shall be submitted one week  prior to the planned shipment. The order shall contain the cargo dimensions (length, width, height), place, date and time of  loading and unloading.

The manager in charge of the respective contract of carriage hands on  the contract to the division of logistics for estimation of the route. The cargo will  be delivered successfully irrespective of complexity of routing. Using the wide partners network   the Company can easily obtain approvals from the traffic police authorities and  permits from the Road Department for transportation of the  cargo of the non-standard sizes. If required the road train may be accompanied by the traffic police vehicles. We are ready to deal with the issues of free passage- lifting of power supply lines, dismantling and erection of public utilities and other respective actions. Transportation is carried out exclusively during the day-time.