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Dangerous Goods by Road

Carriage of dangerous goods in Russia and in foreign countries requires special permit for the vehicle which transports dangerous  goods. In this one can not go without a specially trained driver and special-purpose  equipment in case of any inspection by the traffic police  or traffic accident.  It is no secret that the dangerous goods comprise explosive agents, radioactive agents, volatile flammable liquids and self-igniting solids.

Since hazardous substances can cause ecological  damage  and harm the nature our vehicles are equipped with foreign-made spare parts, which ensure protection of environment and in case of traffic accident allow to mitigate the effects of spilling or spreading of hazardous substances and , simply, provide for safe delivery of the goods.
For many years the Company has been  involved in completion of the vehicles engaged in carriage of  dangerous goods with all the things needed. The process is carried out under the centralized management. For that end both domestic and European materials are used, provisions and rules of the international conventions and interstate treaties, the party to which Russia is, are taken into consideration.
Thus and so, we guarantee that dangerous goods are  going to be transported  in time without detriment to the environment.