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Lorry Fleet

Our Company deals with freight forwarding since 1929. In 1990-ies it has got the present name – JSC “Lorry”. Starting from 1994 we specialize in international cargo transportation. The Company has 700 employees including 500 drivers. Our fleet numbers 500 road trains of 2 years average age.

JSC “Lorry” is one of the biggest Russian forwarding companies and a strategic one for the economy of the Ural Federal Okrug.

Our road trains consist of Volvo Truck and Volvo FH haulage trucks (made by Volvo Truck Corporation) and SCHMITZ SPR 24/L -13.62 EB trailers  (made by SCHMITZ Cargobull) or SCHMITZ refrigerators. These manufacturers were chosen due to prefect price/performance ratio and high reliability. The last parameter is of great importance and guarantees to our clients  timely  fulfillment of obligations assumed by JSC “Lorry” as  to terms of delivery and time of arrival for loading and unloading. It is nothing to speak of  safety of Volvo trucks! We still continue to cooperate with the stated European manufacturers.

      When we faced the question of choice of the vehicles we asked experienced drivers who had tried the vehicles of different manufacturers and so we settled on these options. We are sure that we have made the best choice. Over the last 10 years there were no substantial failures preventing us from performance of carriage. Manufacturer warranty covers 300,000 km run and/or two years of operation.

Thanks to the Company’s efforts the fleet is renewed every year. Over the recent three years 350 new road trains were purchased for the total amount of EUR 40 mln. Each train has corporate logo, phones of the Company are placed both on the haulage truck and on the trailer. To ensure durability and persistence of the logo it  is applied at the manufacturer’s works. Road trains purchased in the last three years are painted in corporate blue and white colors of the Company.

All haulage trucks and road trains were produced  according to unique specification. It means enhanced quality and reliability of the train as a whole. After arrival to JSC “Lorry” each road train is equipped with the Russian AUTOTRACKER Satellite System. The system allows to define accurately the train’s location online and works together with positioning systems GPS/GLONASS. To enhance transportation management efficiency and to reduce communication costs at present we use innovation approach to traffic transmission and  billing developed together with mobile communication operator Beeline.

Our road trains have 24 months life cycle. Afterwards they are withdrawn from our business  activities for sale or lease with an option to buy for period of 2-3 years.
By this time total running time does not exceed 300,000 km, together with this all established standards concerning maintenance and requirements to fuel and consumables are met. Each haulage truck during its life cycle in JSC “Lorry” is maintained by authorized service stations in Europe and within the Russian Federation. Thus the whole history of the vehicle  can be traced from the service station gateway in Goteborg (Sweden), Gent (Belgium) or Kaluga (Russia) till the moment of sale to the future owner. 



  Volvo hauler   Schmitz truck trailer