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Annual reporting


Open Joint Stock Company "Lorry" performs accounting in accordance with Federal law ╧ 32-FZ of 28.03.2002 "On Accounting", and approved annually by the accounting policies of OAO "Lorry". Responsible for the preparation of statements is the Chief Accountant Anikin Natalia Andreevna.


JSC "Lorry" is registered as a legal entity (certificate of state registration of legal entity ╧ 01252 Series I-ICM from 19.03.1993g). He got up on the tax account on March 30 1993., Has an individual identification number 6663006255. Has code statistics 60.24, 50.10, 50.20, 50.30, 51.70, 63.11, 63.12, 63.2, 63.21.24, 70.20.2, 71.21.1, 74.13.1, 80.13.1, 85.14.1; CAT 667301001.

Lorrie Company is audited annually. The annual accounts for 2004 certified company "Audit Firm NIKA", for 2005-2007 - LLC Auditing firm "Praver-Audit". To date, the auditor of the company is "Auditing Party" Capital ".

In accordance with the accounting policies of the speed of forwarding international traffic in revenue (Form ╧ 2) affects only the difference between receipts from customers and payments to third-party carriers.

Annual financial statements for 2005

Annual financial statements for 2006

Annual financial statements for 2007

Annual financial statements for 2008

Annual financial statements for 2009

Statements are presented in pdf.
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