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About Us

Our company has offered transport services since 1929. In early 90s it got its current name LORRY. Since 1994 the company has specialized in international trucking services.

The number of employees of the LORRY JSC is about 700 persons, among them there are 500 drivers. A vehicle fleet of the Company comprises 500 road-trains, an average mileage of the fleet is three years. LORRY is one of the largest hauliers in Russia, a constituent transport company in the Urals Federal District.

The LORRY JSC has been awarded with a National Public Prize in the transport field of the Russian Federation “Golden Wagon”, nominated as “The Leader of International Road Haulage”, ranks among the best 15 logistic operators in Russia. At the end of the last year it was given the rank of “The best International Haulier of CIS-2008” (IRU, Geneve).
         For almost 80 years the company has developed from a motor transport shop to a largest transport company in the Urals. In 30s of the last century together with our country we participated in the construction of the largest Soviet plant named Sergo Ordzhonikidze Urals Plant of Heavy Engineering Industry.

More than 40 drivers went to the fronts of the Great Patriotic War. By the end of the War the number of trucks increased to 130 units, mainly due to the captured vehicles. The fleet had a truck (ZIS-21) which worked on wooden chocks. In the post war period an industrial constituent was developed, i.e. a repair workshop, a forge, a turnery. It was considered a progressive index.

After the war the enterprise became Motor Depot № 5, the number of employees was 400 persons. In the late fifties it became a part of the union providing transport services to industrial enterprises, the motor fleet was numbered to 1200 units. In the late sixties several motor depots were consolidated into a separate enterprise of the Motor Transport Ministry (SGATP-3). In 1970 it was re-formed to a larger enterprise SPOGAT #1 (Sverdlovsk industrial trucking enterprise), with 2000 employees.
Today the company has got a transparent policy of personnel management, all payments to employees are complied in accordance with a law. The company image is more important than momentary costs reduction. For several years running our company is one of the best in its dynamics among other Russian hauliers. LORRY has entered a list of the companies “Uralskiy gazeli”, few in number, which have unique dynamics.

LORRY JSC has got an optimal organizational structure today. The main company departments are the following: an international forwarding department, a domestic transport department, an international transport department. A logistics department manages road-trains routes. The company structure includes also a customs clearance department, an IT department, etc.

LORRY has developed business procedures for processing big amounts of cargo, manage hundreds of road-trains in different European countries. Freight process is practiced properly. Our company has got a complete insurance package for our responsibility before our Customers.

The Head office, parking and service of LORRY JSC is located in Ekaterinburg.

LORRY JSC is registered as a legal entity (State Registration Certificate for a legal entity #01252 I-EU as of 19/03/1993). It was registered in a tax body on the 30th of March, 1993 and has got an individual identification number 6663006255. Statistics codes are 60.24, 50.10, 50.20, 50.30, 51.70, 63.11, 63.12, 63.2, 63.21.24, 70.20.2, 71.21.1, 74.13.1, 80.13.1, 85.14.1. KPP 667301001.

Galina Alekseevna Chepovskaya is a General Director of LORRY JSC. Grinevich Natalia Yurievna is a Chief Accountant.